Sabah Pasta Antepli

This item is not eligible to be shipped - ONLY Available for pick up in NYC at the Sabah Studio. 

NYC Sabah Friends! We are offering you a Turkish-inspired pasta kit to cook
up over this unique Thanksgiving weekend. 

Your Pasta pack includes:

- 1 lb. of freshly cooked Mafalde Pasta

- 8 oz. of Pistachio Pesto sauce

- 1 oz. of Roasted Aleppo Chili, Sumac, and Sea Salt blend

- 1 oz. of Roasted Antep Pistachios

- A printed copy of the recipe

 >>>  4 Servings per pack <<<


Must order in advance, for pick-up next week. 

Pick up dates: Weds (11/25) , Friday (11/27) , Sat (11/28) , Sun (11/29)


***Allergy Warning***

The Pistachio Pesto sauce includes the following ingredients:

| Kale | Pistachios | Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Cannellini Beans | Garlic | Salt

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