Leather Cream

A self-shine cream containing natural waxes. Its unique formula gives instant shines without the need for brushing, while also nourishing the leather. Comes with easy applicator sponge. 

Prolongs life and revitalizes dried out leather.

How to use

1) Remove dust and dirt from the surface.

2) Soak the sponge generously.

3) Spread the cream evenly over the shoe, covering the entire surface.

4) Let dry for 1 minute.

Tarrago Self Shine Cream Kit is enriched with carnauba wax* (5%), also known as “the queen of waxes”, because of providing a lasting shine and ensuring waterproof protection. Hydro alcoholic base formula with no oils or silicones content. Oils nourish but may also darken the leather. Silicones usually provide shine and/or waterproofing, but some of them may also obstruct the leather pore, avoiding natural breathability.

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