Le Soliste Botanical Soap by ORRIS

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A favorite Sabah Soap! Le Soliste is the perfect gentle cleansing bar for the face. A minimalist and fragrance-free essential to compliment every skincare regiment. Gently removes impurities, resulting in radiant, glowing skin. Postbiotic Fermented Rice Water dates back to a long tradition of use in Japanese cleansing and toning rituals. During the fermentation process, rice proteins are broken down into skin-loving amino acids as well as conditioning Vitamins B and E. Orris Soaps are hand-crafted using traditional cold process soap-making methods combined with french savoir-faire, drawing from traditions such as Ayurveda, Japanese cleansing rituals, and herbal medicine. Filled with therapeutic natural ingredients, these bars are formulated for both face & body, meant to cleanse, nourish and treat in one single step. We use these as a stand-alone product or as the second step of a facial double cleanse.