Rodney Corduroy Shirt by KARDO

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The Rodney Corduroy Shirt features 100% organic cotton corduroy with a natural indigo floral block print pattern. KARDO, launched in 2013, creates one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by traditional tailoring and workwear. They follow a ‘ONExONE’ production philosophy in which each piece of clothing is hand-cut and sewn by a single tailor from beginning to end — each item carefully hand-finished. Thoughtfully designed and produced at the KARDO workshop in New Delhi, India, each garment is labeled with information about the makers involved in its production. KARDO honors traditional weaving, dying and printing techniques, using fabrics such as natural indigo denim and processes like block printing and Chikankari embroidery. KARDO actively supports and collaborates with handloom weaving communities throughout India in hopes of preserving these traditional techniques and reducing environmental impact.