Contradictory 04 Red Vase by Rrres

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The Contradictory 04 Vase was hand thrown using natural red clay, made by Leticia and Leopoldo Eliodoro — two local artisans in Atzompa, Oaxaca.

This items is unique and one-of-a-kind. Only two are available.

Rrres studio collaborates with different artisans across Latin America to produce small series inspired by Latin American Culture, daily objects, colors and the people who work with founder Javier Reyes. He blends traditional craft  — whether that be hand weaving or hand molding, using traditional tools — with modern and abstract designs to create museum-worthy fine art. This includes pottery, home goods and other items that serve a purpose, and inspire any space. Typically these pieces are only available as made-to-order from Rrres; however, you’ll find them now on the Sabah Portal and at the Sabah Studio NYC. 

***IMPORTANT: This vase is for decoration only, use with dried flowers. This vase is not glazed so it will not hold water.***