Raising Time

More About our February Fundraiser

Every February we select an organization or cause to donate money. This year, however, we’re contributing in a different capacity: Sabah is RAISING TIME. The concept is simple: for every pair of Sabahs or Babas purchased during the month of February, our team will volunteer 10 minutes of time to a local cause, ranging from environmentalism to mental health to hunger/homelessness and more. Our goal is 150 hours, to be spread out and fulfilled by our team members in New York, San Francisco, Dallas and London. In addition, any sales that exceed 150 hours in time will be met with a monetary donation of 5% of sales. 

Since our origin, Sabah has been about physical connection. We built a brand based on good energy and people. As a small team running a busy business, our most precious asset is time, which makes this year’s contribution feel that much more meaningful and significant.

At the beginning of March we will release a calendar of local events to which our team will be donating the volunteer time we’ve raised. We will invite the local communities in each of our cities to join. Stay tuned!


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Partner Organizations

The organizations that will benefit from our February Fundraiser support a range of causes from environmentalism to mental health to hunger/homelessness and more. We’ve partnered with our friends from DEED (a platform that connects individuals/companies with volunteer and donation opportunities) to identify organizations in New York and San Francisco. These, and other causes vetted by our team, are detailed below!